Senior Information Risk Owner Services (SIRO)

The SIRO’s role is:

  • to support and to guide you to make sure you are complying with data protection regulations
  • to identify and understand your information / privacy risks
  • to assist you in making data protection decisions that are proportionate and justifiable

Our SIRO services are methodical and assertive to ensure that your data protection requirements are embedded within your company’s standard systems, guaranteeing that all personal data is handled appropriately across the organisation.  

Our SIRO and DPO services work together perfectly and can be brought into your company to provide expert information and advice (the DPO service) and to encourage your teams to work together to understand data protection.

As with DPO support, our SIRO services are tailored to meet your company’s needs, with options including:

  • onsite or offsite consultancy or a blend of both
  • a retainer service, where SIRO support will be provided for a set number of days a month, or a longer period if required

Please ‘contact us’  to find out how we can help you.