“An extremely good pair of hands for all things “compliance & risk” (and GDPR !!!!) – that is how I would describe Nicola (“Nicky”). Her energy levels and willingness to get things done are a great asset, and effective. The method of delivery Nicky employed in delivering GDPR to the business was excellent, and the depth of implementation/application was certainly “best in class”. Looking back I can now greatly appreciate how she envisioned the effects of GDPR and we are now seeing this crystalize in a number of high profile cases in the press which will set a precedent to all businesses but as once pointed out by Nicky, could be devastating to SME’s.

Respected greatly by her team Nicky was always viewed as a knowledgeable and respected leader in the business. I always believed she should have been given a Board position in the business and that was her future.

An approachable character and great company.

I look forward to working with Nicky again one day and I am quite sure this will happen; primarily because such qualified Compliance/Risk/GDPR people like her are extremely rare”

During my time at LAMP Group I worked with Nicola Klimkowski for over five years, in her capacity as Head of Compliance. I found her to be extremely helpful and hard-working, and conscientious and diligent in her approach to Group compliance, working with the Board and all of our other stakeholders in the business to support the implementation of financial regulation whilst leading on risk, compliance monitoring and data protection. Nicola’s compliance team embedded data protection into business as standard practice across our offices globally and the new and the numerous requirements of GDPR were fully integrated. Nicola was a pillar of strength in the way she supported the business, both by laying solid data protection and general compliance foundations. She has a great sense of humour and delivers on the task in hand. It was a pleasure to work with her and she would be an asset to any organisation.

“It was my pleasure to work with Nicky for approximately 10 years up to November 2017. During that time she demonstrated an acute business sense coupled with a pro-active desire to manage the risks and challenges faced by businesses from complying with the ever increasing raft of regulations. I would highly recommend Nicky to any business requiring advice, guidance or hands-on assistance with any Regulatory Compliance or Risk Management matters or projects.”

“Nicky is an excellent risk & compliance manager who keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest developments in her specialist area”.

“I have worked with Nicky for many years and supported by her team they put the companies through  to what I believe was market leading GDPR and DP law compliance, knowledge and processes helped significantly by their positive approach and professional expertise.

I was particularly impressed by their level of commitment, patience and professionalism shown in sometimes very trying circumstances. They overcame! And were a credit to themselves as they kept delivering module after module of top quality and relevant processes and policies.

They implemented organisational maturity, ownership, communication and best practice that we would have been unable to achieve on our own.

They also managed to integrate with our workforce becoming the GDPR and DP expert part of the team whilst ensuring their help was always developmental. They successfully dealt with and communicated with all levels of seniority in the organisation.

I cannot end without a personal note or two on Nicky. I have so much respect for her as a person. She has a great work ethic and positive attitude that helps so much on a day to day basis. She is always willing to take responsibility and gets things done efficiently and is always very generous with her dry sense of humour!

She is also a nice bird and although she drinks a lot of bargain wine, this hardly affects her day to day capacity at all. “

“Nicola is a dedicated and hardworking insurance and compliance professional – an expert in her chosen field and market leading in compliance.”