Our Team

To deliver our vision, we have a trusted and experienced team of data protection professionals perfectly placed to deliver solutions to all your data protection needs.

nticipate Ltd was established in December 2018 by Nicola Klimkowski who thrives on creating solutions to help organisations during crisis management, particularly in regulatory environments including legal, data protection and financial services, including corporate governance. She can deliver solutions by creating the vision for the desired outcome, by pulling together empowered and motivated stakeholder teams, if necessary across organisations, and by providing support to people, processes and technology to transition organisations to better ‘target state’ outcomes. Nicola is personally and professionally committed to hard work, delivery, outstanding service, engagement and innovation. As well as practical experience, Nicola holds the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection.

nticipate Ltd works with a super team of consultants and trusted partners who have an enormous amount of experience and a track record of delivering data protection compliance solutions to all different types of businesses.