Global Privacy Office Service

Our Global Privacy Office service provides you with everything you need to support you to increase your organisational maturity on all privacy matters, and in a way that guides you to prioritise the most important matters first.  Our expert privacy professionals will communicate directly with all internal and external stakeholders, thereby reinforcing stakeholder confidence, strengthening relationships and creating a consistent approach to the application and implementation of all privacy matters.

The Global Privacy service comprise all of nticipates’ services, for instance, run your EU GDPR compliance programme globally and help you to transition best privacy practice into your daily operations such as day-to-day information risk management; maintaining records of processing activities; data protection impact assessments; all contracts compliance; personal data breach management and team training. 

We can help you to build your network of policies and procedures and then help you to drive implementation throughout your entire organisation, globally if necessary, completing all privacy policies, process authoring and much more.

Please ‘contact us’  to find out how we can help you.