Baseline GDPR Services Solutions

Our GDPR Services Solution is designed to provide everything you need to achieve a baseline level of data protection compliance.   The package:

  • provides you with traceability to all the mandatory UK GDPR articles
  • allows you to build a GDPR compliant framework – or to sense check your existing framework
  • includes tailored templates which allows you to embed GDPR into your business simply and provides documentary evidence of compliance as required under the GPDR Accountability principle (see Article 5, UK GDPR)
  • encompasses all the 13 major areas of work required to build a GDPR compliant plan and framework
  • includes 2 hours of expert data protection consultancy to support you with implementation – with the option of increasing this allowance, if required, for an additional fee (e.g. you may wish to consider our DPO retainer service for a set number of days per month, particularly if your organisation must appoint a Data Protection Officer)

Our GDPR Services Solution is designed to propel you from wherever you currently are on your GDPR journey to a reasonable level of completeness and compliance.

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